Visa & Master Card

Canadian residents might not know some casinos might not accept players who live in Canada.  While not all casinos permit Canadians, there are still a wide range of choices for playing.  Realtime Gaming and Microgaming are two of the casinos that still accept Canadian players.

Canadian players have to consider whether the casino they are playing at is friendly to their customers.  Finding a casino that allows you to play Canadian dollars is a big plus, because who wants the trouble of changing money in order to gamble?  This means your winnings will be in Canadian money as well, saving the step and expense of exchanging currency.

When visiting a casino in person, there is some extended measure of security.  While it is true that any of your information could still be compromised (which is true with any credit card transaction), there are a few security steps you can take that make MasterCard and Visa the prime choices when gambling – and even more so when gambling online.

There are other options, such as e-check or prepaid cards, but they have limitations and often can’t provide the same amount of deposits.  These are also not the best options, because many casinos are not set up to take these payments.

Mastercard and Visa have long been known for the no liability, although the rules might be different with casino rules.  There are laws set up within certain states and jurisdictions that make it difficult to use a MasterCard or Visa for gambling.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t use a credit card for online casinos, you just need to know the rules.

You can’t use a card to buy chips, but you can use it to make a deposit with the casino.  This in turn can be used to buy chips to play with.

Before using your card at any of the casinos,  take the time to add some extra security to your transaction.  This might not be readily advertised, but it is easy to do with your card.  Both MasterCard and Visa offer a program that requires a password to authorize certain purchases.

Verified by Visa can be set up online with the account.   It allows the player a password to enter when conducting business at an online casino, as well as providing a brief personal message.  This is a cross-check for both the business and the cardholder to provide additional security for purchases.  If the message is not the same as the one set up , then find another casino to play.

MasterCard SecureCode has a personal code.  Players must use this code to register with a casino, and every time the player plays he/she uses the same card and enters the personal code.  Once the code has been entered the funds will be transferred.

Laws and technology are constantly changing in the world of online gambling.  The best way to find a reputable online casino is to search the list of providers and find one that matches your desire for games, payments and reputation.